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Martyr Lucifer - Shards CD

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Martyr Lucifer returns with “Shards”, an album that gathers 3 EPs that show three different sides of the artist's sound and soul... Hold the shards in your hands but... Be careful, don't get hurt!
“Shard One” shows Martyr Lucifer's darkest and most mysterious side, through three ominous tracks.
“Shard Two” is a gentle small little box that contains 4 acoustic tracks full of sadness and melancholy.
“Shard Three” offers 3 poisons and 3 antidotes, through a vibrating dark rock that will shake your soul. The album has been produced by Outline Rekordz and is released in a very elegant digipack format.

Featuring Simone Mularoni & Dario Ciccioni (empYrios), Antarktica (ex-Darkend) and Adrian Erlandsson (ex-Paradise Lost, At the Gates). Unmissable!

Year: 2013
Label: Outlinerekordz / Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Genre: Gothic / acoustic / alternative rock