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Idis Örlög - The Spiral Tide of Seasons CD

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Idis Örlög - The Spiral Tide of Seasons (Wolftyr Productions, 2013)
Norwegian Pagan Folk Music from Sif Idis, otherwise known as Iron Megedo from black/thrash metal bands like Witchblood, Hekseri and Cold Northern Vengeance. Soothing tunes in the vein of Hagalaz Runedance,

Eliwagar, Fire+Ice, and Folkearth.
01. Invocation Of The Idis  
02. I Am of the Wind  
03. Yggdrasil  
04. Tiden  
05. Amber and Gold  
06. Wintersun  
07. Midgard  
08. The Northern Shaman  
09. These Deep Waters  
10. Of Ancient Ones  
11. Aske and Embla  
12. Outro (Passing of the Seasons)