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Hortus Animae - Live at Velvet / April the 14th, 2001 CD/EP

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01. The Melting Idols
02. Across the Sea of Pain
03. A Lifetime Obscurity
04. Luciferian Twilight

Soundboard recording taken at Velvet Club (Rimini, Italy) in April 2001 (during a gig with Lacuna Coil) and restored by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio in March 2018

Line-up 2001:
Martyr Lucifer - vocals, bass
Hypnos - guitar
Bless - keyboards, backup vocals
Thomas - drums
Iarsa - guitar

Artwork and layout by Andrej Bartulovic / All Things Rotten
Insert's photos by Laura Arlotti

Sold at Hortus Animae's 20th Anniversary Party, these are a very few copies left