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Danzig - The Lost Tracks of Danzig LP

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This is a collection of songs that were recorded from band's first sessions in 1987-88 up until the sessions for "Circle of Snakes", but were never previously released on any of their albums. It is not actually the ninth Danzig album, just a collection of b-sides and rarities.
Mastermind Glenn Danzig had mentioned a collection of then-unreleased songs in several interviews since 1999. It took until 2007 for the album to finally surface. []

AFM Records / Evilive, 2016

Disc 1
Side A
1.   Pain is Like an Animal         
2.   When Death Had No Name     
3.   Angel of the Seventh Dawn    
4.   You Should Be Dying   
5.   Cold, Cold Rain      
6.   Buick McKane (T. Rex cover)
Side B
7.   When Death Had No Name   
8.   Satan's Crucifiction      
9.   The Mandrake's Cry     
10.   White Devil Rise         
11.   Come to Silver (acoustic)  
12.   Deep            
13.   Warlok          
Disc 2
Side A
1.   Lick the Blood Off My Hands    
2.   Crawl Across Your Killing Floor    
3.   I Know Your Lie      
4.   Caught in My Eye (The Germs cover) 
5.   Cat People (David Bowie cover)       
Side B
6.   Bound by Blood           
7.   Who Claims the Soulless   
8.   Malefical        
9.   Soul Eater        
10.   Dying Seraph  
11.   Lady Lucifera