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Dan Deagh Wealcan - Fragmented Consciousness CD

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Metal Scrap Records CD
The third page in the history of the Russian-Ukrainian experimental duet Dan Deagh Wealcan. It's a big journey in search of total stylistic madness. More eclectic and more distinctive album is also a conceptual work about the subjective specifics of fragmented consciousness. It’s an attempt of analyzing the various processes that occur in our mind and their influence on our view of reality. It’s a way to gather the pieces of thoughts into one and try to accept yourself for who you really are.
Sixteen musical "fragments" were recorded throughout the year 2015 and together are the inevitable creative evolution of the duet, maintaining the distinctive style of the previous two albums and bringing new overtones along as well.
The stylistic classification of the band is getting harder and harder with every released album. It is a bizarre melting pot of Industrial, Post HardCore, Progressive, Alternative Metal, Art Rock, Electronic, Noise, Symphonic Rock, New-Prog, Mathcore.
The album was mastered once again by Anton Vorozhtsov at TA Productions, located in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.
For fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Ministry...
released February 11, 2016