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Cradle of Filth - Dusk... And Her Embrace / The Original Sin CD

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This album contains the original recording of the band's second album from 1995 with the The Principle of Evil Made Flesh-members. Since the band did not like the result and the relationship with their then label (Cacophonous Records) got bad, they decided to not release it. Some members left Cradle of Filth to form The Blood Divine, while the rest plus new members recorded V empire... or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein, that was released instead of Dusk... and her Embrace via Cacophonous Records. In 1996 Music for Nations released the re-recorded version of Dusk... and her Embrace with the new members. [from]

01. Macabre, This Banquet
02. Nocturnal Supremacy
03. Heaven Torn Asunder
04. Dusk and Her Embrace
05. A Gothic Romance
06. The Graveyard by Moonlight
07. Funeral in Carpathia
08. Beauty Slept in Sodom
09. The Haunted Shores of Avalon
10. Carmilla's Masque
11. A Gothic Romance (demo)
12. Nocturnal Supremacy (demo)

Dani Filth - vocals
Paul Allender - guitars
Paul Ryan - guitars
Jon Kennedy - bass
Benjamin Ryan - keyboards
Nicholas Barker - drums